Worthily Films – avoid!

As the industry slowly gathers itself together and productions start up again, the less honourable employers have of course woken up too. 

Fast off the blocks is a company called Worthily Films, a set-up which is clearly going places, albeit mostly downwards. This bunch have decided to mark the restart by advertising for an unpaid worker (with a van) for three days on one of their productions, and laughably calling it an “internship”.

Despite numerous requests from many people, neither of the owners of this company,  Steve Dodsworth and Chelsea Leigh Macleod, were able to say why this work would not be paid at least the legal minimum. It seems then that they don’t really care about that kind of thing.,

Worth bearing in mind if any organisation is considering availing themselves of the services of Worthily Films. If so, it is quite possible that your production will be funded on the backs of unpaid workers so, if you care about that kind of thing, maybe you should look elsewhere for an “Independent, Innovative and Full Service Production Company”.

Worthily Films – Avoid!


Since this was posted Steve Dodsworth has said that the original advert was posted in “a bad error of judgement on the part of a junior” (an odd way of referring to fellow Director of the company, Chelsea Leigh Macleod) and that he hired a man with a van and paid him for his work, so no-one was taken on unpaid.