For many people the coronavirus pandemic has come as a crippling blow to their finances – companies have lost business, workers have lost jobs and the future is looking increasingly bleak for some time to come.

But hey, it seems that isn’t the case for a company called Visair Ltd. In fact coronavirus has come along as a bit of a boon!

Why so? Well, as any red-in-tooth-and-claw capitalist worth their salt has worked out, Covid-19 has meant that there is a whole bunch of people who are now out of work and sitting at home. So what better time then to swoop down on them and get some good old fashioned free labour to help boost your business?

Visair is run by Sarah Bush. Sarah is of the opinion that her business should be funded by other people, so she’s posted an advert to recruit unpaid workers to boost the company’s presence on social media. She wants a “social media strategy for the next 3-6 months” and for the lucky applicants to turn their hands to researching and writing blog posts for her on relevant topics for the next 1 to 4 months. 

She’s specifically looking for people on furlough though, as Sarah has shrewdly spotted that as they are currently being paid by the government so is obviously owed a slice of that time to make money for herself. Hey, why not? 

I contacted Sarah to ask about the morality of this, however she didn’t really see the issue here. She pointed out that her company currently “had no income…so we do not have the means to pay additional staff” and as such she was quite content for people to come and work for her “knowing that their wages are being paid by the government”.

Interesting set of moral principles that. So here you go Sarah – here’s some of that presence building right here: to any company that might be thinking of using Visair for your live steaming needs, do make sure you ask them to do the work for you at no cost. That seems to be the basis of the way Sarah likes to work so why not?

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