There are some lovely employers out there…

We have our Coronavirus Hall of Fame of course, featuring those best-of-the-best companies who are pushing aside the various obstacles in the way of furloughing and trying to do their very best to help their freelance workers.

What all those companies are doing is hugely appreciated by everyone who is being helped out at a really difficult time, especially because they know that the hard work being put in on their behalf produces no immediate benefit to the companies themselves.

A notable name to add to that list today – and worthy of separate mention – is Crook Productions, producers of a range of much loved shows.

We’ll spare their blushes in terms of the exact reason why this company is being singled out for special mention today. All we will say is this: Paul, Matt and Andrew, a lot of freelancers want to give you a very big, virtual, socially distanced, workplace-appropriate kiss and cuddle right now.

Many thanks to you great people – and may commissions rain down upon your corporate heads if and when normality resumes.