Kenneth Barker. Tungsten Media.

When is a Runner not a Runner?

Bit of a trick question really. A Runners is always a Runner of course, that is if you define a Runner as a junior worker on a Film or TV set or office. But that isn’t how Kenneth Barker of Tungsten Media sees it, it seems.

Because Kenneth doesn’t think a Runner is a worker, not in that “a worker is someone you pay when they work for you” kind of a way. Because Kenneth likes to bag a freebie if he possibly can, if his recent Facebook posting is anything to go by:

Yes, you read it right. Pay if you’re unexperienced – zilch. Seems that, if you haven’t made teas and coffees before, or done a lunch run, or driven the crew vehicle, then you don’t deserve to get any actual money for your time when you work for Kenneth and his company (Tungsten Media, based in Leeds, remember the name).

One wonders whether Kenneth’s Tungsten Media clients are aware that he is subsidising the work he does for them by riding on the back and picking the pocket of his most junior workers (if those two things are not mutually exclusive). It may be that they would take a dim view of it. I may ask them and find out.

Meanwhile freelancers do be very wary if you are considering any association with Kenneth Barker or Tungsten Media in the future. If Kenneth isn’t big on dipping into his pocket for Runners, maybe he won’t bother dipping in his pocket if he hired you for your time and work…