The Return. Holiday pay.

A message to anyone who worked on the Bollywood movie The Return, production manager Karishma Bangera. It is very likely that you are owed unclaimed holiday pay if you worked on this production, which you can claim now.

The contracts that were issued by Filmcard Motion Pictures or Sumo Films (Surabhi Bhatnagar) incorrectly suggested that holiday entitlement due on the pay that you received would be rolled up/included in the rate for the work. This is not permissible under UK employment law and as such, you have probably been underpaid by around 10.77% of the total pay you received.

After some pressure was applied, several freelancers have now been paid this entitlement so it is well worth claiming yours from that production.

A number of people who worked on this film also had great difficulties getting the pay they were owed. If that includes you, or you would like help claiming your unpaid holiday pay, feel free to get in touch.