The Chelsea Cowboy. Leon Butler.

Word is coming in of issues on a film currently in production called Chelsea Cowboy.

Failure to pay freelancers on time is the most immediate issue which, given that the film is being Executive Produced by Idris Elba, seems an extraordinarily unwise course of action, given the potential for adverse publicity.

I’ve asked the Producer of this film (Leon Butler) why this is happening but not getting much in the way of a reply other than for them to say there are “cashflow problems”.

That, of course, is not an answer to anything. I shall be taking this to Fleet Street’s finest unless some answers come back pretty much immediately, but meanwhile if any freelancer is having any issues on the production, do feel free to get in touch (

Cowboys indeed…watch this space.

**UPDATE I: April 2022. After some of the crew secured the pay they were owed, the company failed to pay a number of people who worked on this production and then went into administration. A sorry saga for all concerned. Leon Butler is clearly a name to avoid for the future**

**UPDATE II: June 2022. More people are getting in contact about this film and the failure of those responsible to pay invoices. It seems that this bunch (do check their names on imdb to see the producers responsible) were responsible for some very large liabilities indeed to suppliers, who were left with business threatening debts. A very nasty business indeed.**