The Return. Holiday pay.

A message to anyone who worked on the Bollywood movie The Return, production manager Karishma Bangera. It is very likely that you are owed unclaimed holiday pay if you worked on this production, which you can claim now.

The contracts that were issued by Filmcard Motion Pictures or Sumo Films (Surabhi Bhatnagar) incorrectly suggested that holiday entitlement due on the pay that you received would be rolled up/included in the rate for the work. This is not permissible under UK employment law and as such, you have probably been underpaid by around 10.77% of the total pay you received.

After some pressure was applied, several freelancers have now been paid this entitlement so it is well worth claiming yours from that production.

A number of people who worked on this film also had great difficulties getting the pay they were owed. If that includes you, or you would like help claiming your unpaid holiday pay, feel free to get in touch.

Surabhi Bhatnagar.

TV and Film freelancers have (like many others) had a tough old time for the last year or so, what with Covid forcing the cancellation of so much work. So what they really don’t need right now are companies and individuals hiring them to work on their productions and then not paying them.

People like Surabhi Bhatnagar (Rumbles Media/Sumo Films) who recently recruited a number of freelancers to work on a Bollywood film called “The Return“, made by Filmcard Motion Pictures (Rahul Mahajan) and Jar Pictures, declined to arrange payment for their work and then repeatedly refused to respond to emails.

Individuals like this (“Living a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget!!“) are – needless to say – complete liabilities in an industry like ours and really should not be put in charge of budgets or given responsibility for people’s livelihoods.

Freelancers and suppliers should therefore exercise extreme caution if contemplating having any kind of working relationship with Surabhi Bhatnagar, at least until she develops the habit of paying her bills and developing a better working relationship with those she employs.

If you have had any issues being paid by this individual or production, do feel free to get in touch.

Meanwhile freelancers beware!

The Filmcard Motion Pictures Ltd.
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**UPDATE Nothing has changed. Surabhi Batnagar still appears to be living the champagne lifestyle without paying the freelancers owed money.**