Rob Shannon. Shannon Productions.

There is, it seems, still the odd employer out there who hasn’t heard about the minimum wage regulations (1999). Not many now as, like World War 1 soldiers, time takes its toll and they inevitably drop away. Now everyday folk tend only to remember those bygone unpaid days with “do you remember when” and “we were so primitive back then” type comments.

So quite a shocker to find the Neanderthal spirit still alive and well in at least one tiny corner of film making land in the form of erstwhile actor Robert Shannon of Shannon Productions, who is seeking to recruit unpaid workers for a feature film he is producing. When asked why he was not paying at least the minimum wage to the runners/drivers he was seeking to recruit to work on the production, this was his response:

Probably be a bit of a shock for Rob to hear that we don’t burn witches or get cockerels to fight to the death either any more, so one wonders how professional the whole shoot is likely to be.

If he does contact you and offer unpaid work on this film (or anything else he is playing around with), do take a wide berth around it, and him.

Freelancers beware!