Blazing Star Productions. Sebastian Nanena and Will Murray-Obodynski.

A warning to anyone considering working for this company or these individuals in the future.

Blazing Star Productions have recently recruited a number of freelancers to work on one of their films (“Death Do Us Apart”) and then failed to pay them. As such due caution should be exercised before embarking on any kind of financial relationship with this company and these individuals in the future as they are clearly untrustworthy in their business dealings.

While this may be a matter of supreme indifference to Sebastian Nanena, his failure to pay the people who work for him is now causing serious distress to freelancers. Three comments received from the many who have been left unpaid:

This situation with Blazing Star has greatly affected my mental health. I’m highly stressed, anxious and dealing with intermittent bouts of depression as a result of not being able to pay bills and live my life”. 

Not receiving the pay I am owed means I have been unable to pay bills, university fees, car fees, and have gone into debt. This has caused me to not sleep properly due to anxiety“.

“This is very distressing for me, I work very hard and try to keep my head above water at the best of times. However due to Covid and work drying up, i was super excited to get stuck back into acting and making myself extra money to cover the last year of struggling. At present, I have no money to be able to cover the costs of living, and the expenses which they said they would reimburse have cleared whatever little money i had set aside. I provided my services, my time and my personal money to cover travel etc, and unfortunately now I’m being ignored, avoided and disregarded. This is extremely hurtful and really has left me with nothing! Christmas sadly will not be a celebration for me this year”.

If anyone else has been left unpaid by this company please contact Mark Watson,

C/O Eam London Ltd, 215-221 Borough High Street, London, United Kingdom, SE1 1JA