Too much work, not enough trained workers.

That’s the conclusion Screenskills have come to in their latest report on the state of employment in our industry, which reveals there are acute shortages of suitably skilled workers in various unscripted TV roles.

This may come as a surprise to you if you are are struggling for work but the report concludes that the hardest-to-fill roles are production coordinator, production manager, editor and series producer, although other grades have shortages too.

It’s a report that is well worth reading, albeit the chances of anything changing to improve the situation feel somewhat remote, given the current governmental attacks on the BBC, historically the biggest trainer of them all. There is also something systemically dysfunctional in an industry which requires skilled workers but is based on short term hiring, tight budgets and no incentive for individual companies to make the investment in workers who may well be gone the next day.

Time for some joined-up thinking between broadcasters, producers and trainers.

Free animation course for 13-18 year olds.

Great new opportunity from Screenskills for would-be young animators.

3Dami: after-school 3D animation club

Over a ten-week after-school club, successful applicants will be introduced to the concepts and practice of 3D animation using Blender with a combination of teaching, project work, and feedback from peers and staff. On week ten, you will have the chance to showcase your achievements to your friends and family, and you will end the course with a selection of work to use in support of future applications.

The workshop will run (TBC) on a weekday evening, from 6pm to 8pm from 19th April 2021 to 2nd July 2021 with a break over half-term holidays. Week beginning 5th July will be our showcase and celebration evening. Students will be expected to complete 1 hour of homework between each session to prepare for the next class.

This will be very popular – book early!