BBL Motion Picture Studios. Jacky Jhaj. Satinder Singh Jhaj. Sinda Realty Ltd.

**UPDATE 2. Firm warning. Anyone who might be considering working for this individual (Jacky Jhaj) – do not. If you need more information, email More details to come.

**Update, this production has become, true to form, somewhat hazardous now with issues reported including misuse of firearms, unsafe Covid practices and other (more serious) complaints being made against this Jacky Jhaj. This is him at work:

People are being paid (inasmuch as they are) via his father’s (Satinder Singh Jhaj) company (“Sinda Realty Ltd”) and all the previous warnings hold good: you would be well-advised to avoid anything to do with this set-up like the plague.**

A posting on Facebook at the weekend has huge red flags waving over it – a feature film apparently being made by BBL Motion Picture Studios, Producer Jacky Jhaj (or “Jacob Sann” or “Jacob Singh” or any one of numerous names).

The word “PAID” doesn’t really cover it however as, when people make contact, they are told that the payment is £60 “cash in hand” at the end of the day for a ten hour day and no questions asked, we’ll deal with the insurances and tax and “what not”. This little touch of the Del Rodneys from this particular (American) company does little to inspire confidence in an organisation which has risen without trace and may well disappear without one as well.

The film in question is apparently a big budget “militairly themed” affair and – so it is said – the budget has all gone on props and vehicles (Tanks, Humvees and more what nots) leaving not much in the kitty for the little people (cast, crew, what not).

But hey, no worries, the equally elusive Jacky Jhaj/Jacob Singh/Sann is apparently making FOUR more massive features this year and if you do this little job for him you really do stand a great chance of being at the front of the queue when he is dispensing patronage on those epics! He didn’t say he had a bridge he’d like to sell you as well but I’m sure he has.

The film – currently titled “Project AR” is being shot between August 15th and September 15th, 24 days filming in the London area and remote locations. It goes without saying that this screams as one to avoid. Unless you are from HMRC of course, in which case feel free to show an interest:

BBL MOTION PICTURES STUDIOS. Level 33, 25 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5LB.