Blink Productions – found guilty of not paying the minimum wage.

An update on a company which recently featured on the Watercooler, Blink Productions, run by Paul Weston and based in Wardour Street (not to be confused with the very reputable Blink Films).

After hearing complaints from a number of people who had been used for unpaid work experience at the company, it was suggested that a good way forward might be for people to make a complaint to HMRC about failure to pay the National Minimum Wage where it was due.

And it seems that that is exactly what did happen as it has now been confirmed that the company was paid a visit by the inspectors – who then found cause to investigate further.

After some rigorous digging through the books the results of that investigation are now in: that Blink was indeed not paying people what they were legally required to do and have now been made to cough up the arrears to those workers.

So a deserved smack on the wrists for that company – and a timely reminder that companies who do this kind of thing can be pursued and can be made to do what every other decent company does: pay at least the minimum to those who sit at the bottom rung of the work ladder .

Well done to those who brought the complaint – and if anyone hears of this company doing it again, do get in touch…