Mohit Chhabra

Another producer for freelancers to avoid is Mohit Chhabra. He is, or at least as he claims his friends describe him, a “Movie Buff, Witty & Wise (with a) go getter attitude”

That may (or may not) be what his friends say but those who have had a professional relationship with Mr Chhabra – and have failed to be paid for their work – are more likely to concentrate on a range of other, more earthy words when they describe their feelings about him.

That failure to pay workers (on the Bollywood Film “The Return“) should be sufficient warning to all freelancers that trusting Mr Chhabra to meet his obligations once filming has been completed is not a wise course to take. Asking, begging, imploring and demanding the pay and expenses that are owed to them have proved to have had little effect and legal claims are now in the pipeline for people to secure what they are owed.

So a warning: the best way to avoid being yet another one of his debtors is to take a very wide berth around any offer of work that Mr Chhabra may present in the future.

As he says on his Starnow page, “I aspire to be a star, a superstar and rule the world of cinema and entertainment one day. It’s never too late, Yes I want to make it big and yeah I even have my 1st award speech ready in my head already” .

Fond hopes. The first step along that road could usefully be to make some amends to the freelancers who trusted that he would behave professionally and pay his bills.