John Pavlakos

**Since writing this, complaints against this individual continue to pour in and he now also faces numerous CCJs for failing to meet his financial obligations. John Pavlakos is a well-confirmed conman – do not work for him or supply goods/services/equipment**

A very strong warning to anyone who might be contemplating on working for John Pavlakos on his current production “The Abomination”, made by Purple Pictures.

It’s described as an “exciting feature film starring international stars” but pretty much every time this individual embarks on making a film, he leaves a trail of debts to freelancers and suppliers behind him. Many have gone in in good faith and left vowing never to do business with him again. This film is unlikely to be any different, so best advice is to use a very large bargepole to put distance between you and him.

And if anyone has any information about this production, please do get in touch ( Many thanks.

“The Abomination” just about sums it up.

**Edit. This film has proved to be no exception to the rule. Pavlakos has once again stiffed a number of people who have worked on this production, as he has countless times before. If you have arrived on this page via a Google search of his name, do take firm note and also – for the sake of everyone else in this industry – spread the word as widely as you can that this man is absolutely not to be trusted and that he will, with all probability, walk away with the product of your work without paying for it, in the same way that he has on so many previous occasions. BEWARE!**

**Edit2. Pavlakos now has numerous CCJs against his company, which he is unable/unwilling to pay. Bailiffs have been instructed but it is very likely that his company’s value is as worthless as his word. Avoid this individual if he embarks on any future production – there is a strong chance you will not be paid**

John Pavlakos – AVOID.

A warning to anyone considering working for this individual at any point in the future.

A considerable number of people have reported being left unpaid by this Producer after working on his films through his companies “Purple Lion Pictures”, “Macho Movies”, “Liontari Films”, “S and S Pictures”, “JPictures”, “AndCinema”, “Saints Cinema Ltd”, “DriveUK Ltd”, “Solar Pictures Ltd”, “And Cinema Ltd”, “Jpictures Ltd”, “DriveUK Ltd”, “TransporterUk Ltd” and “Saints and Savages Ltd”.

Every time this individual sets up a company or production, he leaves a trail of unpaid people behind, and it is still happening. As such due caution should be exercised before embarking on any kind of financial relationship with either him or any of his companies in the future.