Studio Cypherpunk. Hashim AlShubbar and Ida Thomasdotter.

Where’s the harm? The name of the production in the hands of these two individuals; Hashim AlShubbar (Producer) and Ida Thomasdotter (Director/Writer). Well it seems that the harm comes to those who have been unfortunate enough to become involved in making this particular piece of work, as all who did (both cast and crew) have been left empty of pocket, having trusted these two to pay their invoices but found, when they were were submitted, that the cupboard was very bare indeed.

Ida, who claims she has an “unavoidable propensity for the melancholic and bleak” is clearly so absorbed by the dark side that she has found herself unable to focus on the bleak and melancholic immediate future of the cast and crew being unable to pay their bills, given her lack of interest in saying when that payment might be. Hashim too is also somewhat diffident about such earthly things, taking umbrage at the idea that it might be part of his duties as “Producer” of this particular project, to meet the crew’s invoices with some cold, hard cash.

Vague promises there have been plenty but actual money: none. Apparently it is AlShubbar and Thomasdotter‘s intention to make more of these shows. Let’s hope not. The intention of the series is (apparently) to “shed light on the dark side of humanity”. They’ve certainly done that, given their failure to treat people with the minimum amount of respect that a paid invoice conveys. Dark and unpleasant indeed.

As such, these two hapless individuals are a couple of names to keep a firm and wary eye on in the future as it would be clearly wise to take a wide berth around them, together or individually. That is if you want to be paid for your work.

Studio Cypherpunk. Hashim AlShubbar and Ida Thomasdotter: freelancers, kit suppliers and the rest of the industry – avoid!