Something dodgy going on…

…in the world of TV recruitment it seems. In the shape of a mass of fake applicants for jobs in the industry. Reports are coming in (as they are fond of saying on the news) that a number of apparently well qualified applicants for TV jobs advertised on Facebook add up to less than they appear when the individuals themselves turn up for interviews.

Here are a few names of some who have applied for jobs, and their email addresses. All have manufactured their references using proper mainstream companies, claiming previous positions at companies which (on inspection) turn out to be false:

Dami Osipitan <>

Deborah Elugbadebo <>

Lydia Oyewole <>

Afolabi Moronkeji <>

Nana Esi Sarfo <>

kelvin osei <>

Ibby Baidoo <>

Emmanuel Akinnuoye <

Sharon Osei-Agyeman <>

uyi ilenbs <>

Wonu Owokoniran <>

osezele ilenbs <>

One of these applicants let slip that they had used the services of a company called “Helpers House” (, which might mean that they were victims of some kind of scam themselves, or maybe not.

Either way, these are applicants that are unlikely to be worth following up, not least because they may very well, if you let them in through the door, walk away with the contents of your production office on the first day.

Recruiters beware!