Production companies support for freelancers in our industry.

**NB Note that despite signing this (below), Sarah Murch of Blakeway North refused to furlough PAYE freelancers who could have received financial support during the coronavirus shutdown**

The Garden Productions has been coordinating an open letter to Chancellor Rishi Sunak, signed by 224 TV production company bosses at 118 companies, and a further 90 individuals. This is what they sent:

24th March 2020

Dear Chancellor,

We’re aware of the extraordinary pressure you’re under in these unprecedented times. And we are grateful – as employers – for the measures you’ve already taken to help companies like ours weather the storm and protect staff jobs. But we’re writing to ask you to do more to extend that protection to the part of our workforce who find themselves uniquely vulnerable in this moment: freelancers and the self-employed.

In our industry – television – freelancers make up a huge proportion of the people we work with. British television’s global success and reputation would be utterly impossible without them. These are not optional or peripheral roles, but some of the most important jobs and some of the most talented people in the sector. And yet at a time when so much production has come to a halt simultaneously, they find themselves suddenly without work and almost entirely excluded from the protective measures that cover their peers. Many are facing real economic distress and personal hardship at an already deeply unsettling time.

Swift measures to bring financial aid to those who have lost income are vital – both on a human level and to ensure that this part of the country’s creative industries stands a chance of recovery once the crisis has passed. We’re aware that we are among many making this argument on behalf of the self-employed, and we note the comments of your ministerial colleagues about your willingness to keep reviewing the situation and see if there are further steps you can take. In this case, we would strongly urge that you do so.

Yours sincerely

Jaimie D’Cruz, Rodney Brooks and Evie Buckley – Acme Films
Matt Richards, Ian Cundall and Andy Joynson – Air TV
Ed Stobart – Alleycats Films
James Burstall and Laura Bessell – Argonon Group
Tom Brisley, Iain Pelling and John Smithson – Arrow International Media
Jane Kelly & Philip McGovern – Big Mountain Productions
Kenton Allen and Matthew Justice – Big Talk Productions
Sarah Murch – Blakeway North
Ed Coulthard, Claire Bosworth, David Hodgkinson, James O’Reilly – Blast! Films
Dan Chambers and Justine Kershaw – Blink Films
Nick Godwin and Tom Porter – BriteSpark Films
Richard Tulk-Hart – Buccaneer Media
Dinah Lord – Caravan Media
Jodi Shields, Jenne Casarotto & Ian Devlin – Casarotto Ramsay and Associates Ltd
Hannah Chambers – Chambers Management Ltd
Sophie Gardiner – Chapter One Pictures
Jake Cassels and Jason Mitchell – The Connected Set
Murray Boland and Danielle Lux – CPL Productions
Elaine Hackett – Crackit Productions
Dov Freedman and Charlie Russell – Curious Films
Camilla Lewis, Rob Carey & Paul Day – Curve Media
Abi Harris – CYSA Films
Rachel Arnold and Jon Green – Definitely
Alastair Cook, Robert Davis, Larry Walford – Double Act Productions
Dermot Lavery and Michael Hewitt – DoubleBand Films
Sir Lenny Henry and Angela Ferreira – Douglas Road Productions
Richard Bond – Dragonfly Film & Television Productions
Tamsin Summers & Rachel Drummond Hay – Drummer Television
Donna Clark – DSP
Kevin Batchelor – Electric Robin
Sarah Booth, Lucinda Hicks, Richard Johnston, Bella Lambourne, Derek O’Gara, John
Parsons, Peter Salmon – Endemol Shine UK
Colin Barr – Expectation Entertainment
Roy Ackerman – Films of Record
Nicole Kleeman, Mark Roberts, Iain Scollay – Firecrest Films
Neale Simpson – Fizz
Colleen Flynn & Nick Underhill – Flicker Productions
Magnus Temple, John Hay, Nicola Hill, Nic Brown, Hana Canter and Melissa Hameed – The
Kate Vogel and Kat Mansoor – Halcyon Pictures
Robert Cannan – Hellflower Films
Wendy Rattray, Rosie Riding, Natalie Hill, Terri Langan – Hello Halo Productions
Ed Taylor – Honey Bee TV
Charles Lauder – The Indie Club
Catherine Lynch and Katy Manley – Initial
Andrew Palmer – KEO films
Jonathan Stadlen – Knickerbockerglory
Alexis Price, Nick Emmerson and David Phillips – Koska
Martin Haines and Karen Wilson – Kudos
Lorraine Charker-Phillips, Simon Dickson, Jo Taylor – Label 1
Ollie Tait – Lambent Productions
Ros Taylor – Leopard Pictures Ltd
Richard Bradley and Nick Catliff – Lion Television
Richard McKerrow, Kieran Smith, Letty Kavanagh, Anna Beattie, Sara Ramsden, Sarah
Thomson-Woolley & Rupert Frisby – Love Productions
Camilla Deakin and Ruth Fielding – Lupus Films
Nick Curwin, Scarlett Ewens & Edwina Silver – Matisse Media
Simon Knight – Maverick TV
Lynn Sutcliffe – Mighty Productions
Louis Theroux, Nancy Strang, Arron Fellows & Sophie Ardern – Mindhouse Productions
Morgan Matthews, Clare Voyce, Kate Collier and Sophie Leonard – Minnow Films
David Granger and Will Macdonald – Monkey Kingdom
Ed Rubin – New Regency Television International
Cat Lewis – Nine Lives Media and The Indie Club
Neil Duncanson and Steve Gowans – North One
Layla Smith, Roz Pound and Holly Pye – Objective Media Group
Jane Manning, Matt Robins, Adam Bullmore and Jos Cushing – October Films
Tina Flintoff and Nick Hornby – Optomen Television
Laura Mansfield and Helen Veale – Outline Productions
Catherine Considine – Personal Managers Association
Thomas Viner – Pioneer Productions
Grant Mansfield – Plimsoll Productions
Stuart Cabb – Plum Pictures Ltd
David DeHaney – Proper Content
Dimitri Doganis, Tom Barry and Liesel Evans – Raw
Jim Allen – RDF Television
Nick Read – Red Zed Films
Rachel Platt – Reef Television
James Fox and Kitty Walshe – Remarkable Television
Alex Cooke and Alan Hayling – Renegade Pictures
Joanna Ball and Lisa Cox – Ricochet
Kay Mellor OBE – Rollem Productions
Emily Hudd, Iain Wimbush, Fintan Maguire and Lucy Rothery – Rumpus Media
Henry Singer – Sandpaper Films
Matt Bennett, Tanya Shaw and Tim Whitwell – Shine TV
Henrietta Colvin – Sid Gentle Films
Karen Ross – Sidney Street Productions
Jane Featherstone and Dan Isaacs – Sister
Tricia Cooklin – SmokeyBlue Media
Jez Nelson – Somethin’ Else
Melanie Leach and Andrew MacKenzie – South Shore
André Singer – Spring Films
Nick Bullen – Spun Gold
Dave Nath and Peter Beard – Story Films
Stuart Prebble and Danielle Graham – StoryVault Films
Tim Harcourt – Studio Lambert
Neil Crombie, Joe Evans and Caroline Turner – Swan Films
Rukhsana Mosam – Ten66
Harry Bell, Brendan Hughes, Karen Thornton and Diane Dunbar – Tern Television
Steve Humphries – Testimony Films
Damian Kavanagh – Tiger Aspect Productions
Ulla Streib – Tin Roof Media
Helen Tonge and Ian Bradshaw – Title Role Productions
David Parfitt – Trademark Films
Andrew Sheldon and Jess Fowle – True North
Karen Smith – Tuesday’s Child Television
Tim Carter, David Brindley, Dan Adamson, Shireen Abbott and David Clews – Twofour
David Geli & Pollyanna McGirr – UTC Artist Management Ltd
Anna Miralis – Wall To Wall
Leanne Klein and Helena Ely – Wall to Wall and Twenty Twenty
Ronald Goes and Maria Keaveney – Warner Brothers International Television Production
Sunil Patel – Whisper
Paul Islwyn Thomas – Wildflame Productions
David Dugan, Ian Duncan and Allison Todd – Windfall Films
Archie Baron – Wingspan Productions
Sachin Dosani – Wonderhood Studios
Michelle Chappell – Workerbee
Debra Blenkinsop, Peter Holmes and Ruth Phillips – Zeppotron Productions
Matt Graff – Zig Zag Productions
Greg Sanderson – Zinc TV London
The following individuals also wanted to add their names to this letter:
Kandise Abiola
Andrew Allen
Caroline Allward
Joy Ash
Mel Bannergee
Tosca Barnes
Claire Barry
Anna Bates
Zac Beattie
Diane Bernhardt
Rachel Blewitt
Katie Buchanan
Rebecca Burrell
Che Charles
James Christie-Miller
Janet Chute
Rupert Clague
Anna Cox
Tom Currie
Rowan Deacon
Lisa Douglas
Craig Ellis
Leo Fawkes
Simon Ford
Celine Gilbert
Jazz Gowans
Carla Grande
Irina Guimaraes
Katy Hall
Nasfim Haque

Original letter here.