Phew, good thing HMRC are certain about things.

Great. We have clarity. At least according to HMRC this morning.

The big question: if your fixed term contract has expired, can you be rehired by your employer and then put on the furlough scheme?

Ah, here comes a representative from HMRC, let’s ask him!

Hooray! Great! Good for Kulbar. Clear and unequivocal. Yes! It’s great to have some clarity given what a really important issue this is for freelancers who are wanting to pay their bi…

Hold on….someone else has asked. On Facebook:

Wait…what? I thought it was yes? The last chap said…

Ok never mind, someone else has asked. This will make it more clear:

(Yeah, you’re not going to get away with a non-answer to this one pal. She’s an employment lawyer…).

So…hold on, does that mean…I’m confused.

Ok let’s clear this one up once and for all.

Straight question, let’s get a straight answer: My contract has expired. Can I be rehired and then furloughed. Yes or No?

Great, all clear then. The answer to the question is Yes. And No.

Or – if you prefer it – first No. Then Yes:

Carry on people, nothing to see here. SNAFU.