Olalekan Alabi. Cold Laundry: Avoid.

As a wise man once said: “if you give first you will always get back”.

Actually he isn’t quite so wise, and it’s not immediately clear whether the author of that phrase was being totally ingenuous when he said it. It comes from the lips of one Ola Alabi (on his Linkedin page), a fashion designer who seems more keen to take rather than give, if his recent record is anything to go by.

That record includes hiring a number of freelancers and then, when presented with invoices for their work, disappearing without trace and refusing to respond to emails. Olalekan also says on his page “I have a love hate relationship with fashion”, the hatey bit probably being related to the fact that his, and his wife’s, latest venture Cold Laundry has recently gone belly up via a creditors’ voluntary liquidation.

Businesses go down the toilet all the time of course, and for a variety of reasons, however the experience seems not to have taught Ola any life lessons as the hiring (and stiffing) of these freelancers happened after his last venture failed, albeit he still hired people under his “Cold Laundry” label. One would have thought that the least he could do, if he was having cash flow difficulties, would be to be frank and honest about it, however Ola seems to have disappeared without trace, happy to take the work they’ve done and run away with their money.

We’ll keep an eye out for his reemergence, but meanwhile let’s leave the last word with him. His final wordly-wise aphorism on the Linkedin page is: “Art comes first”. Fair enough I guess, however payment should really come a very close second….

Ola Alabi – freelancers avoid!

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