No pay, but you are allowed to take the dog for a walk…

Linkedin is the go to place for many a career hungry young person nowadays, but lurking on the pages are also to be found those employers who fancy getting a bit of free labour for their businesses.

Which is what a company called The Longest Stay did this week, posting this advert for someone to film videos for them and do some social media work:

The owner of the company is Sherry Roberts. She presumably also owns the dog mentioned in the advert – the one who likes to be petted and taken for a walk.

I imagine that the little Shitzu pooch gets its three meals a day (or however many a Shitzu eats), which is more than the person who takes this work would be able to fund, given that food does cost real money, which is in somewhat short supply in terms of a wage packet for this work.

I asked Sherry why she was not paying this person at least the minimum wage for their work. She replied by denying that the work was ever offered as unpaid (rather odd, given the presence of the words “non paid” on the advert). She also now says that she has decided to pay a freelancer to do some of it instead and then get unpaid University students on work experience to do the rest.

Lucky them. She’d better get those students in soon. That dog won’t walk itself.