New product placement marketplace for brands and producers


BRANDPLACER is the new product placement marketplace for brands and producers. is an online platform that will extend product placement opportunities to both film, TV and theatre productions as well as brands and products – of all shapes and sizes.

Brandplacer has one simple objective – to revolutionise the world of product placement by making it accessible to everyone. The website makes this possible by providing a cost-effective and transparent global platform where product owners can respond directly to placement requests made by media producers and their production teams.

The advantages to both parties are clear, as Brandplacer founder Murray Ashton explains. “Producers and their crews are always looking for new opportunities to make their productions look different and bring something new to their audience. At the same time, smart brands are looking for new, creative ways to connect with consumers and distance themselves from their competition,” he says.

“Product placement through Brandplacer presents a tremendous opportunity for these brands and productions to add value, improve their bottom line and significantly boost their profile.”

Brands already listed on the platform include Irish designer Philip Treacy, Amsterdam bike maker Roetz and Californian winemaker Fiddlehead.

Expanding access           

As an affordable and transparent platform – with no agency fees or intermediaries – Brandplacer will also dramatically expand access to product placement opportunities. “Our goal is to empower anyone, anywhere, to fulfil a product placement opportunity,” says Ashton.

“I hope Brandplacer will enable both brand owners and production professionals worldwide to find creative product placement solutions that will prove mutually beneficial.”