New pay rate for Multi-camera Directors of £600 per day

From Directors’ UK:

Directors UK Pay Campaign

Director pay rates have been frozen for the last 7 years – this means a pay cut in real terms.

For too long too much money has been spent on management and not enough has been invested in the creative people who make great programmes.

Directors are the creative leaders, responsible for steering productions with increasingly pressured schedules and budgets, embracing new working practices and technology, and acquiring increasingly specialist skills. But while the expectations of the director have increased the pay has not. Responsibility and seniority on set is no longer recognised through production pay structures and working conditions.

The impact

Directors’ pay has been static or fallen over time
Directors’ pay has fallen in comparison with other senior grades
Directors’ pay has fallen in comparison with permanent staff
Directors work excessive hours without overtime
Holiday pay is not properly recognised
Expenses have been driven down or not paid at all (particularly for directors living in Nations and Regions)
Directors as freelancers are not able to obtain work for 52 weeks of the year
The aim

To achieve fair pay for UK directors working in television across all specialisms, genre and employer groups.

The approach

Directors UK is launching a concerted and focused campaign for better, fairer pay for our members. Our campaign will be specific and targeted to improve pay levels in all the different areas of UK production, and benefitting our entire membership.

Emmerdale and Coronation Street pay negotiation

Directors UK has formally called on ITV Studios to enter into pay negotiations on behalf of freelance directors of continuing drama series, in a letter signed by 40 directors of Emmerdale and Coronation Street.

Directors UK CEO Andrew Chowns said: “ITV’s freelance directors on Emmerdale and Coronation Street have not benefitted from the levels of pay increases that ITV has agreed with permanent staff or other freelance grades. Directors’ pay has failed to reflect the significant increases in productivity of directors and their continuing professionalism and commitment to creating high quality programmes for these flagship series. We are calling on ITV to begin urgent talks with us to create a fair and sustainable pay agreement for freelance directors”.

Entertainment and multi-camera rate card

Directors UK has published its official rate card for directors of entertainment and multi-camera shows. The new minimum daily rate is £600 for all directors.


The recommended minimum daily rate for entertainment and multi-camera directors shall be £600 per day with effect from 1st October 2014.
This rate is exclusive of holiday, which must be added to this rate if a director is unable to take any leave.
The minimum rate for directors operating via a loan-out company is £665 per day, to compensate for the lack of holiday pay.
A booking may be made for less than one full day e.g. half a day, but the minimum rate is still £600.
This rate applies to productions in the following genres:
Broken comedy and sketch shows
Celebrity panel and quiz shows
Chat shows
Comedy stand up performances
Music performances
Game shows
Major “shiny floor” entertainment
Multi-camera studio factual programmes, e.g. cookery shows
On productions where the current director’s rate is significantly below the new minimum rate and where the transition to the new daily rate may be difficult to achieve immediately, the production companies and directors concerned are advised to contact Directors UK for further advice and assistance.