Message to employers – go for it, Rishi wants you to furlough!

Many TV employers are keen to recontract and furlough their freelancers (of course they are, most were freelancers themselves once and know what it’s like). Lots are also a bit nervous of doing so though, fearful that they may fall foul of the whims of HMRC and suddenly discover they are expected to pay the money back because they furloughed where they should not have.

If it gives any comfort to those companies, the man at the top is very clear that he does expect employers to furlough if they possible can – as he puts it in a letter to one of his constituents:

“The government expects employers to do the right thing – the government is standing behind business and business should stand behind their employees”

So to those employers who are hovering on the edge of the diving board….please JUMP! Everything that HMRC has published about this scheme and every public utterance by Rishi Sunak suggests that they want companies to furlough everyone they can.

Numerous companies have now done so, to the greatest possible extent they can so. More are also doing so every day – so please take the leap now and do what you can for freelancers who really need it.