Mental Health Awareness week.

It’s this week. To mark it, here are various resources available to freelancers (thank you The TV Mindset!):

General Support:
The Film & TV Charity
SHOUT (text service for those who don’t feel like picking up the phone): 

Film & TV Charity initiatives:
Online Mental Health Community & Peer Support (includes guided self-help courses plus problem-solving and assertiveness training)
Community grants

TV Mindset talks – wellbeing:
The Science of Wellbeing – Practical Tips for Freelancers
“Stress Less” Session
Understanding Your Value in an Uncertain World
How To Deal With Inner Critics and Find Your Inner Champion
Managing Fear & Anxiety in a Post-Lockdown World
Physical & Mental Wellbeing in the Remote Workplace (Yoga in the Boardroom)

TV Mindset talks – career:
Talent Manager Forum
The Culture of Fear in TV & How To Dismantle It
How Job-Sharing Can Support Your Mental Health
‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ – Mental Health on the Production Frontline
Stigma in the TV industry