Looking to start a career in Film or TV?

Then this might be a very good place to start…

First Steps into Film & TV is a one-day event designed to demystify how you can build a career in the film and TV industries. This event is the place to find out how the film and TV job search really works. 

The day features a curated series of talks and panel discussions backed up with useful industry resources. You’ll hear from industry experts whose role it is to hire for productions – and they’ll let you in on the secrets of what they look for – and how to make that all important first impression. 

You will also hear from those who have recently embarked on the TV and film journey and how they are building their careers. You will discover their tips and tricks for gaining traction, and the various DOs and DON’Ts that they’ve learned along the way.

Here is the direct link to book tickets.