Jnr Post Producer

Jnr Post Producer


Follow the agency herd? Sorry, that’s not us. Not by a long shot. But we don’t think and act different for different’s sake. We do so because we know it works.

Coming at any given challenge from a different angle – a totally unexpected perspective – means we create communications that people remember. It helps our clients to get noticed, beat the competition, and realise their full potential. After all, no two brands should ever be the same.

By harnessing all our multi-discipline skills and our understanding of human behaviour, and then applying our own ‘Thinking Inside Out’ approach, we’ve helped world-class companies to break new ground, develop brands that people truly believe in, and create long term business opportunities.

That’s why we’re Maverick.

Our client list includes
DHL | Bacardi Limited | Ricoh | Findus | London First | Virgin Atlantic | GM | Adidas | Fairmont | Beltico Group | Cabo Sao Roque | Discovery Channel | Merrill Lynch | Black & Decker

Job description

Maverick are on the hunt for an epic Jnr Post Producer willing to role their sleeves up and get involved with the Film Production Unit within a large independent Advertising Agency.

Responsibilities are:

Ensure that your assigned projects are delivered on time, within budget and to the highest possible standard

Arrange kick-off meetings with all relevant Agency staff in order to take detailed briefs on new work

Work with the rest of the Film Team to deliver detailed estimates, detailed post schedules and flag any potential issues

Be responsible for collating all of the assets required to finish each job

Check that all the jobs are reconciled correctly and that each operator has updated their own timesheets in line
with the Post Scheduling software

Liaise with account teams to arrange PO’s to be raised for 3rd Party suppliers

Allocate & utilize resources in an efficient, time effective manner

Source & book freelancers with relevant and high quality skills when required from your list of trusted artists/operators

Provide regular updates on costs to Producers and Agency Staff

Act as a co ordination person for the producers when sharing resource between London and New York office

Ensure all Agency staff are adhering to bookings procedure

Skills and Experience

2-3 Years experience as a Post Producer

Knowledge of FarmersWife

Be driven and not afraid of being too organized!!

Strong people management skills

Supports and invites input from all team members at every level

Excellent interpersonal skills