It’s time to change working life in our industry. Join this Facebook group to take part.

It’s a new initiative called the Television Freelancers Task Force and here’s the link to its new Facebook group:

It’s open to all to join and here’s what it’s all about, in the words of its founders:

The Television Freelancers Task Force is a new initiative for freelancers in the TV industry coming together with the hope of bringing change during these unprecedented times. With the industry currently experiencing enforced downtime, there has never been a better time to take stock and plan for positive change moving forward.

The group is made up of experienced industry freelancers who have come together to campaign for fundamental change within the industry.

We will present our ideas for change to the broadcasters and independent production companies and serve as a rally focus and partner for the unions and guilds who represent freelancers across the sector. Our goals and aims might be seen by some as ‘too idealistic’ – but what’s important is that we start the conversation.

The Television Freelancers Task Force (TFTF) is made up of Lou Patel, Michelle James and Natalie Grant from Share My Telly Job, Adeel Amini from The TV Mindset, James Taylor from Viva La PD, Adrian Pegg, Mark Watson and Benetta Adamson from The TV Watercooler and other leading industry Facebook Groups, and Jude Winstanley from The Unit List.

Whilst we will all continue to work on our individual campaigns, we realise, that as a collective, our reach across the industry is more significant. Together, we hope to be more effective in tackling the well-publicised issues freelancers face today.

Our aim is to come out from this crisis with fairer working conditions for freelancers right across the board.

Our Facebook Group is now live – our membership is an essential part of our mission to create a louder voice so, if you hope for a better work-life balance in an industry that acknowledges your talent, please join the group today.

We have attached our launch document which sets out our aims and goals. We endeavour to keep the group updated on matters that are changing quickly and with the progress we are making.

Please share this post with industry colleagues and join our Facebook group today


Lou, Michelle, Natalie, Adeel, James, Adrian, Benetta, Mark and Jude