Get automatic alerts when there are new jobs!

TV Watercooler already hosts a number of automatic job feeds from various job sites, but to save checking them all the time, why not use Google Alerts to watch job sites for you?

It’s really simple to do, you just need a Google / gmail  account.

Step 1
Find and copy the location of your job postings – for the Unit List it is

Step 2
Go to

Step 3
Enter your search like this:
site: “Researcher” OR “Development”Google_Alerts
Replacing the items in quotes with the jobs you are interested in.

Step 4
Now choose how often you wish to be alerted, ranging from ‘As it happens’ to ‘No more than once a week’, and select the remaining options as you wish:

And that’s it.

Whenever the Unit List updates with the one of the jobs you are interested in, Google will automatically send you an email and let you know so you can check it out.

And once you’ve got that job you can simply return to the alerts page and delete it until next time.

Good luck with the job hunt!