Financial help for TV freelancers

It’s the hot topic of the moment in the freelance TV world. Here’s where we are, as it stands on Tuesday evening (24th March):

An open letter has gone out to the management of UK TV broadcasters, and one to the Treasury subcommittee, appealing for help for freelancers who have spent their working lives creating Britain’s best loved (and quite liked) TV shows.

“Work has entirely dried up for the tens of thousands of people who have loyally supported [broadcasters] for years…many can’t survive and will have to leave the industry.”

That plea was picked up by Broadcast magazine in their article: Freelancers: help us survive.

“If broadcasters want a workforce when they do get underway again, then they need to figure out a way of allowing them to survive,”

At which point Netflix dug its warmly welcomed hand into its big pockets and plucked out one million pounds to provide emergency short-term relief to freelancers who have been directly impacted by the closure of productions across the UK. You can ask about applying for some of that cash here.

So now it’s over to the BBC and ITV – will they step up?

Updates (hopefully with the good news that they have) here…

Update: another letter has gone out today (25th March) too. No response yet.