Envy Post Production – refusing to furlough their runners.

There are lots of wonderful companies out there, doing their best at a difficult time for all their workers, both staff and freelancers.

And then there’s Envy.

It seems that this particular company is not quite so keen to spread the love, having dumped their runners onto the job market as soon as coronavirus hit and then refused to furlough them. This despite many impassioned appeals to Dave and Natascha Cadle, CEO and Creative Director of the company, asking them to do the decent thing.

Given that Envy isn’t exactly a small company and given that it is essentially cost-free to do, that seems a pretty tough way to treat the most junior people in the production chain.

So to all those HOPs and Production Managers who are contemplating which company to pass their post production work onto when we do emerge from coronavirus, might I suggest you give The Farm, MPC, The Mill etc a ring first? 

You might have missed this Envy but Runners need to eat too.

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