Enough Talk – Time for Action.

A big callout from our friend Adeel Amini from The TV Mindset. He’s going up to Edinburgh (in a virtual kind of way) next week to host a roundtable with various TV movers and shakers, to talk about freelancers’ rights.

He’s the man who’s making this happen, on behalf of all of us, so the least we can do is to give him some ammunition to load into his pop gun when he’s holding feet to flames and noses to grindstones and probably lots of other tortuous torture metaphors.

So here’s what he wants from you, in his own words:

Enough talk: Time For Action.

Everything we’ve done over the last few months has led to this. Next week The TV Mindset joins forces with the Edinburgh TV Festival to put freelancer issues back in the spotlight. Whether it’s recruitment, diversity, hours, bullying, or any other issue, we’ll be demanding action from indies (Tuesday), broadcasters (Thursday) and then all the way to the very top – and I mean the *very* top – for public, written commitment at the start of the Edinburgh TV Festival.

Our employers are beginning to forget about what we’ve been through, and what we continue to go through every single day. This is our chance to come together and make some real change in a public forum that cannot be ignored. We make this industry go round, and our voices will not go unheard.

To do that, The TV Mindset needs the help of every freelancer, everyone who’s ever resonated with one of our posts, and everyone who’s ever felt bullied or damaged or ignored by this industry. We need you to:

1) Register for these sessions here: https://www.thetvfestival.com/whats-on/digital-weeklies/
2) Send your stories, questions, or solutions in to adeelamini@gmail.com
3) Share this event as far and wide as possible.

I’ve said before that I will do everything in my power to make sure that this industry doesn’t come out of this crisis the way it went in. This is that moment, and it needs every freelancer to show up. To speak up. To fight together like never before.

I can’t even begin to relate how difficult, fraught, and taxing the last few weeks have been in getting these sessions together. But if we can make this crisis and our pain mean something – *anything* – then it will all be worthwhile.

I hope we can count on your support, and I hope we can do you all justice. See you there.

So, as Adeel says – Time for Action – please help him by doing the above!