Do you work in Television production? If so tell us your rate…

Talking about what you get paid? Not very British is it.

But hey, the very notion of pretty much everything has been upended over the last month so let’s do something no-one in polite circles ever does and let everyone know what you earn (anonymously of course, we aren’t suddenly going to turn into Americans just cos of a bloody pandemic).

The Television Freelancers Task Force are putting together a rate card for the industry so we can all have some idea where we stand (or fall) when it comes to fair pay in the industry.

To that end, there’s a survey. It only takes a couple of minutes to fill in and would really help in gaining an understanding of what people really get paid across the wide variety of jobs in the industry.

Click on this link to complete it:

Rates survey

As soon as possible please. Results to follow on these pages.


Please fill this out with ONE job in mind (perhaps it was your most recent project). So please do not average out your normal rate. We want this to be a true snapshot of what freelancers have been earning (pre-COVID-19).

If you do more than one job role, you can do the survey more than once – just have ONE job in mind each time you do it. So if you are a PD who sometimes SPs, or a Casting Producer who’s sometimes an Edit Producer, do it once for each of those job roles.