Dave Morgan. DLM Media. Homecoming.

When dodgy employers feature on here, it is usually because they have failed to pay their crew, or are very late in doing so.

And that is indeed the case with Dave Morgan, who recruited a full team to make a film called Homecoming for his company, DLM Media. Recruited them, promised the payment and then elected not to actually part with the cash.

And, as if stiffing the workers on his film was not bad enough, this was also a production which was seriously lacking in terms of health and safety of the people who worked on it. Filming on one of the hottest days of the year, in places with virtually no shade and little water available for the crew, working on this set resulted in crew reports of severe burns, heatstroke and acute hydration.

According to his website Morgan likes “a good cup of tea, a great series to binge, and lots of LEGO!” Instead of spending time with box sets and toy bricks it might be a better spend of his time for him to learn how to run an honest and ethical production.

If anyone has worked on this production, or any other by Dave Morgan or DLM Media, do feel free to get in touch if you have not been paid for your work, or had any other issues.