Concord Rangers FC – want a worker, don’t want to pay.

Work for recent graduates is thin on the ground at the moment, for obvious reasons. A whole cohort of journalism and media graduates have just staggered out of their academic institutions, some £50,000 lighter in the pocket but at least secure in the knowledge that they now have some real, practical skills which will be of good value to employers, to deploy as soon as they are back in the recruitment game.

Much joy then when a cracking job turns up on social media. For a “Head of Media” (a title too!) no less, for a club called Concord Rangers FC. The position calls for someone to write articles for the matchday programme, conduct interviews, run the social media and generally busy themselves in the service the club.

A perfect opportunity then for someone who has just spent three years training for such an opportunity. Except for the not-so-small print on the advert:

Pay: a ticket to each home and away game.

Now most people, even those who like to watch a bit of football in their spare time, know that tickets to a Concord Rangers game aren’t likely to be accepted by the butcher, baker and candlestick maker when you go to buy your etc etc etc. Nor are they usually accepted as a payment in lieu of rent, or heating, or even beer. So how does this organisation expect this busy Head of Media to pay all his/her bills?

Well frankly, they don’t really seem too bothered by the details of all that. I asked Andy Smith of the club why this was not a paid job, given all the demands being made of this person and given the “pay” that they were offering. He however rather took umbrage at that question, saying he did not “wish to waste time responding to unproductive enquiries”.

“Unproductive” a rather fitting word to describe the job, given the circumstances. It seems that this is a football club which doesn’t much value the work they will be receiving or the workers doing it, given the lack of remuneration. I recommend whoever does take this job to raid the fridge while the team are on the pitch and run off with the half time lemons. That’ll leave a bitter taste in the mouth…