Companies offering Work Experience Schemes

Lizzie Evans has compiled a list of companies who offer specific work experience schemes:

She says: “This list is far from complete so I’m sure there are many many more out there that might be worth looking into. I should also note that most of these companies are based in London so I’m not sure how much use this will be for regional runners, but I hope it will help some people get the break they need.”
Tiger Aspect:
Company Pictures:
Fremantle Media:
Hat Trick Productions:
Love Productions:
The Garden
RDF intern scheme
Nine Lives Media (Manchester)
Blakeway North (Manchester)
And here are some links to contact details for other companies who don’t mention work experience schemes on their websites, but who might be open to having someone in for a week or two:
Icon Films, Bristol
October Films:
Wall to Wall:
Windfall Films:
There may be further leads in Useful Links For Runners

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