Chris Hardman. Prizefighter. 1803 Films.

Prising payment out of some individuals and companies after a shoot is over can occasionally be a problem for freelancers in our industry. Most of the time employers are straight, fair in their dealings and honest of course but every now and then a bad egg will pop up to foul the happy nest.

One to add to that collection is a producer called Chris Hardman who made a film in July called Prizefighter but then proved to be a little elusive when it cane to paying his freelancer bills. Lots of excuses and then a stony silence marked his communications after he got the work he wanted on his prize project, followed by a resolute failure to pay up what he owes.

His company name is 1803 Films (he has also operated out of one called Lockdown Films) but no doubt those will soon close and Chris Hardman will move on to new vehicles and new companies to purse his movie mogul dreams. When he does, freelancers are strongly advised to take extreme caution in any dealings with him as it seems he is not much of a mind to pay the bills he likes to rack up.

If anyone is having difficulties being paid by this individual, do feel free to get in touch.