Chatterbox Media and their treatment of freelancers.

Hot on the heels of the reports of bullying and poor treatment of freelancers by Marc Hayward and Spark Content comes another similar tale, this time about Chatterbox Media and one of its founders, Nav Raman.

The article speaks for itself but one thing is fast becoming clear – if you treat workers in our industry badly, you can expect to reap the consequences. Times are long gone when freelancers bit their tongue in the face of unacceptable beahviour for fear of losing work as a result.

Now publications like Deadline (and of course, the Watercooler itself) are more than willing to stand up and call out this kind of nonsense without any danger to the livelihood of the freelancers involved (who almost always ask for anonymity and rightly get it).

Worth remembering if you find yourself a victim of companies which engage in this kind of thing. There is always a willing ear and free and confidential advice to be had (