TIME’S UP UK, a charity that insists on safe, fair and dignified work for everyone.

A good time to alert TV freelancers to this organisation. Time’s Up is an organisation that “insists on safe, fair and dignified work for women of all kinds”.

It has several pages with useful information if you need help or support, including Sexual harassment: Know Your Rights, The TIME’S UP UK Guide to Working in Entertainment and links to support organisations.

Senior Producer (Digital Media) wanted for The National Theatre.

Here’s a job. The National Theatre are recruiting for a Senior Producer wanted for their Digital Media team:

We are looking for a Senior Producer to join our Digital Media team.

The Senior Producer reports directly to the Head of the Content Production Studio, managing the workflow and providing strategic oversight of the video content production for departments across the entire National Theatre. This role will require a creative mind, adept at making short-form content, who can work with a diverse range of stakeholders to formulate a vision, generate ideas and see this through the production and post-production process.

The successful candidate will have the following:

 Significant content production experience
 The proven ability to come up with creative executions which help to deliver
key objectives in an engaging way
 The ability to build and develop relationships with a range of colleagues
across the organisation
 The ability to lead and manage a team to successful outcomes with previous
line management experience

If that sounds like you, then we would love to hear from you!

For further information on this position, including the job description and to apply, please follow this link

The closing date for the receipt of completed application forms is: Monday 10 May 2021, at 12 Noon

For further queries please email recruitment@nationaltheatre.org.uk
We want our workforce to be representative of all sections of society and
welcome applications from everyone.

As users of the disability confident scheme, we guarantee to interview all
disabled applicants who meet the essential criteria for our vacancies.

HR Department 2021

More details (downloadable job spec) here.

“I think I might want to work in TV…

…but I don’t know where to start”.

Good news. You’ve arrived at the right place. Well the right place to find the right places. Here are a number of links to the information you need on what jobs there are, how you get them and what a career in TV production is really like.

Best place to start is Screenskills, the official training body for the industry . Check out their job profiles in unscripted TV to discover the range of roles available and how to break in. Learn how to get in and have a look at their career maps, specifically the Unscripted TV: Craft and technical map and the Unscripted TV: Editorial and production map.

Maybe you’re thinking about going to University to do a media related course? Well Screenskills have got that covered too, with its list of approved courses which boast the Screenskills tick.

You’ll also be wondering where all the jobs are advertised. Well for entry level, the Facebook Runners page has got that covered. It’s the go-to place for pretty much every employer who is looking for a Runner. And remember: never, ever pay any site (like Production Base, mandy, Film & TV Pro) for the right to apply for any jobs. You don’t have to as all the jobs are free to find elsewhere.

And if it’s a career in film you’re after, this is a great place to start. As is this.

And finally, if you want to know how to write a great CV, put together a winning cover letter, find out how to be the best Runner on set, or work out how much holiday pay (or time off) you’ll be getting, well you need travel no further than here.

And good luck – it’s a tough industry to break into but it can be a lot of fun once you’re in. Just remember that when you find yourself sweeping discarded crisp packets out of the crew vehicle at midnight.

Aaron Thomas. It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye.

Sigh. Another dodgy company has slithered out of the shadows. This one catchily (or not) called “It’s so hard to say goodbye

“It’s so hard to pay your workers” may however be a more fitting title as the individual who runs this site, Aaron Thomas, is someone who seems happy to use freelancers to make his videos but a little less happy to actually pay them on time. Mr Thomas  also has a short and not terribly distinguished record as a film producer too, including writing a film which centres on financial fraud

Strong recommendation to freelancers to tread carefully if offered work by him or any of his companies.

If you want to get paid that is (which you probably do).

How Much Should I Be Paid?

We thought it would be a good idea to show the minimum you should be paid per hour. Holiday pay should be paid at the end of your contract for any untaken holiday, and on a casual engagement it should be added to the rate.

NMW Rates have been updated as of 1st April 2021

More detail

The government website has more details about NMW, employment rights for interns and work experience, as well as working as an intern and as an apprentice (they are NOT the same thing). (Apprentice holiday pay is not shown above as the rate is different from Workers).

See also You And The Minimum Wage

Experienced or witnessed bullying?

The Film and TV Charity have a new initiative which is really useful for everyone in the industry to know about.

If you’ve experienced or witnessed bullying, please check their recently launched Bullying Pathway Services, which you can access here

It includes a secure, anonymous place to record your experiences and access to two free sessions with an advisor on your next best steps.

There’s also a 24/7 Support Line to help you from legal advice to financial aid and even to supporting your mental wellbeing with free counselling sessions.

The Support Line is open, even if you just need a chat. You can call on 0800 054 0000 or use the chat service on www.filmtvcharity.org.uk.

Your Cinema. Pierre Godson-Amamoo. AVOID!

Anyone who has dropped in on these pages over the past few years know how we at the Watercooler feel about sites that charge for access to jobs in our industry.

Having to pay for the right to apply for work is clearly something which should not be happening in any area of work, and particularly loathsome when it becomes an embedded feature in an industry which has significant issues in terms of access for less well represented groups. Having to pay to play is something that clearly discriminates against those who are less wealthy and as such we will always call out those companies who leech off our industry in that way.

So here we go again – and this one is a particularly scummy example in the pond where these leeches lurk. The site in question is Your Cinema, set up and run by an individual called Pierre Godson-Amamoo. On his pages he hosts a large number of job adverts, almost all of which are hidden by a paywall for his “Gold” and “Silver” members

There are of course laws which cover who can and cannot legitimately be charged a fee for work finding services, but even leaving that aside there are two features of that site which are particular loathsome .

The first is that a huge number of those jobs which Mr Amamoo wants you to pay for are actually completely unpaid. Yes – you are paying for the right to apply for unpaid work.

You don’t discover that until you’ve actually paid your fee of course but that’s the nasty surprise waiting for you around about the time that he is trousering your cash and wondering what tasty bauble he can spend it on.

The second nastiness about that site is that a number of these adverts aren’t actually exclusive in any way – they very often appear on free to use sites so you are paying simply for the right to apply through his site. AND – guess what – Mr Anamoo hasn’t always actually been given those job adverts by the employer themselves, he’s simply scalped them from the internet and reposted them behind his paywall! (as confirmed by one employer who discovered this).

Enough reasons then to justify the firm warning at the top of this page. Think bargepole and wide berths.


Crackerjack Film Fund 2021.

Another set up which has emerged to snaffle some of your cash is the “Crackerjack Film Fund 2021“, which to all intents and purposes looks like a site where eager filmmaking applicants can apply for grant money

Kickstart your career” it says. “In our search to find emerging new talent, we are giving away £30,000 this year“.

Worth having – and the site has a seductive countdown clock on it, suggesting that you might want to get a move on and pay up before it gets to zero.

However caution is the watchword here as this apparent largesse is not quite the giveaway it seems as, buried in the application process, there is a button marked “submit £20“.

A lottery in other words. You pay the money, you might win a “Grand Prize of £10,000”. Well yes, you might.

Efforts to reach the “Crackerjack Fund” have produced no response. They also have no presence on Companies House and nothing to say who they are on their website or anywhere else to be found.

Big Capital Letters then: AVOID!

Free animation course for 13-18 year olds.

Great new opportunity from Screenskills for would-be young animators.

3Dami: after-school 3D animation club

Over a ten-week after-school club, successful applicants will be introduced to the concepts and practice of 3D animation using Blender with a combination of teaching, project work, and feedback from peers and staff. On week ten, you will have the chance to showcase your achievements to your friends and family, and you will end the course with a selection of work to use in support of future applications.

The workshop will run (TBC) on a weekday evening, from 6pm to 8pm from 19th April 2021 to 2nd July 2021 with a break over half-term holidays. Week beginning 5th July will be our showcase and celebration evening. Students will be expected to complete 1 hour of homework between each session to prepare for the next class.

This will be very popular – book early!