Bradley John. Backlight Studio.

Another company/individual not paying the bills: Backlight Studios (now gone), run by an individual called Brad John in Manchester. Long and short of it is that this fly-by-night operator recruited a freelancer, she did the work, only for Mr John to come up with all kinds of excuses not to pay.

“Not been paid by the client…”money on its way”…”really it’s just a matter of days” blah blah blad yadda yadda whatever. If you’ve been mucked around by a dodgy company you probably know the score by now. Then, after a couple of months it seems that Brad suddenly decides the work wasn’t good enough after all. Funny that.

University of Hertfordshire graduate Mr John, whose company it is (or was), liked to talk big on the website, claiming to have helped companies “strategize and implement their creative visions” since 2016. Not much in the way of strategising or implementing now however as it seems that the company’s contact email address is now returning emails to sender and the site has been deactivated. Looks like Brad has done a moonlight flit to try to avoid his obligations. A very good reason why freelancers and companies should think very carefully before embarking on any relationship with this individual if he should pop up again in the future.

The elusive Brad also professes a love of Houdini on his Linkedin page. That probably relates more to software than escapology – or is it because Mr John admires the famed magician’s ability to get out of tight situations. Like debts to freelancers.

Brad/Bradley John. We’ll be keeping a sharp eye out for him. And freelancers beware: he is one to avoid in the future for sure.