Blink Productions and the minimum wage.

Word reaches the Watercooler of a company which has had a stream of people through its doors doing unpaid work experience, under circumstances which suggest they should have been paid for what they did. 

The company is Blink Productions based in Wardour Street. I asked the Managing Director, Paul Weston, why the company did not pay those who came in to do work for the company at least the legal minimum for their hours. He replied that “we are not currently able to offer any work experience for the foreseeable future” which, while that may be true of course, isn’t really an answer to the question I asked. 

If any worker believes that they have not been paid the minimum wage in circumstances which suggest they should have been, that can always be reported to HMRC here. They would be happy to follow up and secure you the payment you should have received, as well as levy arrears on offending companies and name and shame them on their offenders list.