Adi Chugh and Infinitrim Films – Avoid.

Anyone who has spent any time on a production knows who the hardest working person is.

Yep, usually the Runner. That poor benighted individual scurrying around supplying teas and coffees for cast and crew, slaving over hot buttered toast and laughing a little too enthusiastically at the Director’s weedy jokes.

It’s a tough life, relieved only by the thought of a career in progress and a small but welcome wage at the end of the day.

But not always it seems. Because there are, lurking in the darker parts of the world of production, some employers and individuals who like to take all that toast and tea and joke laughing, but don’t actually like to pay for it. 

Employers like Infinitrim Films and Adi Chugh:

Yes, you read it right. Everyone paid except the two Runners. It seems that Adi and Infinitrim don’t really feel the need to reward the little people. Why bother indeed? There are plenty of them around and let’s face it, they can always stack shelves after the shoot if they need money to – you know – put food on the table. 

I asked Adi and Infinitrim why they didn’t value the runners on their production sufficiently to feel they might want to actually pay them for their work, but they were strangely silent on the subject. Worth bearing in mind if you are currently a runner and Adi turns up at your door at some point in the future, bearing a script he fancies you might like to pay for.

You know what they say about being nice to people on the way up…

Adi Chugh and Infinitrim Films – Avoid!