Adam Sparrow. TV Director.

I see the bird has flown.

It is not unusual for a rogue company or two to end up on these pages for failing to pay TV workers. However it really is a much grimmer affair when a freelancer does it to another freelancer, particularly when it is to a relatively new entrant to the industry.

The freelancer in question (the one who is doing the stiffing) is Adam Sparrow, sometime Director for ITV on Good Morning Britain, I’m a Celebrity and Ready to Mingle and also Executive Producer on Cage Warriors via his set up “Treedo Media”.

It seems that, while Adam was happy enough to use someone for their work on his production, he was less happy to actually pay for the services he received, flapping off sharpish and ignoring invoices and emails as he left (and ever since).

Shame that a freelancer would do that to a fellow worker. However it is good to be able to highlight it so that he doesn’t escape totally scot-free.

Caution is the watchword then, for any freelancer approached with offers of work from this Adam Sparrow.