About to start a course with the NYFA (National Youth Film Academy)?

Are you about to start a course with the National Youth Film Academy?
If so you may wish to consider whether what you have been offered does actually match what you paid for when you signed up. If it doesn’t you have every right to ask for a refund, whatever Rob Earnshaw or anyone else at the company tells you.

If you pay for a service, you have the right to expect that that service is what they agreed to supply. Meeting groups and planning productions in a virtual way rather than in person are materially different experiences  – and if you were promised a screening at Raindance and that does not happen, that is materially different too.

If you do want to claim a refund, then do write to the company and ask for it.  Expect a serious amount of gaslighting in response but be firm, insistent and clear that you do expect to get your money back! And if you want any help with that, feel free to email me: derrywatson@gmail.com.

These courses have attracted a serious amount of criticism in the past, which the company has sought to stifle as much as it can. They also pay for positive reviews on Trustpilot, albeit that salient fact is not declared on the many glowing reviews in the way that is required by Trustpilot’s own rules.

At the best of times feedback has suggested that NYFA courses are not worth the money that people shell out – right now that is even more in doubt.

If you know anyone affected, feel free to pass this message on. But don’t hang about, Rob Earnshaw has form for walking away from his financial responsibilities: