At the time of writing travelling to the USA on a work visa is becoming incredibly difficult. The Embassy is currently requiring a lot of detailed information, which they lay out in an email reproduced below.

My suggestion is to document this stuff as it happens, just in case you ever need it!

Here’s the email …

Thank you very much for your interest in a non-immigrant visa for travel to the United States. Some additional information is required at this time in order to continue the processing of your recent application. You must reply within seven days of receiving this e-mail. Please do not use a chart or spreadsheet when replying. We request that you please reply to this e-mail as thoroughly and specifically as possible with regard to the following items:

1. Your complete travel history over the last 15 years, including source of funding for travel, in chronological order.

2. The full names and dates of birth of any siblings, children; current and former spouses/civil or domestic partners/ *not* already provided in your initial application.

3. Your residence address history for the last 15 years, if different from your current address.

4. Your phone numbers and email addresses used during the last five years;

5. All prior passport numbers and country of issuance.

6. All prior occupation(s), and employers, plus a brief description if applicable, for the last 15 years.

7. Public-facing social media platforms and identifiers/handles used during the last five years. This includes any websites or applications the applicant has used to create or share content (photos, videos, status updates, etc.) as part of a public profile.