National Youth Film Academy (NYFA)

**UPDATE The latest news is that the cost of this course is now a jaw-dropping £1800. Based on feedback from people who have been on this course in the past, this is nothing less than a complete rip off. Recommendation is to run very hard in the opposite direction of this one**

Are you considering paying a fee to attend an audition/interview for one of the National Youth Film Academy’s courses?

If so it is worth bearing the following in mind:

1. What they might not have told you is that the basic cost of these courses is currently an eye-watering  £1200. They should really tell you that before you hand over the money for an audition/interview and also tell you more about what these courses involve and the value of them. They don’t – ask yourself why!

And do not think you can get back that audition fee once you’ve paid it. They do not refund your payment for any reason so do your research before you hand over any cash and also ask yourself – should you be paying for an audition/interview anyway? 

2. Once you’ve been to the audition/interview, be prepared to face deadline pressure to sign up. No obvious reason for the rush other than a lot of keenness by the company to seal the deal. And don’t be fooled by the “congratulations you’ve made it through a gruelling selection procedure” line they trot out. It seems that absolutely everyone gets an offer – they want your money and they aren’t keen to turn anyone away!

3. Not only is the cost of the course high but you are going to end up paying for a lot else beside – accommodation (circa £500), compulsory uniforms (T shirts for £35, bags and hoodies for more), tickets to the screening of your films (£10 each) etc etc. Again, they won’t tell you any of this until you’ve paid for the sign-up. As one participant said – “all in all an expensive two weeks!”. 

4. Is it worth it? Feedback is very mixed at best. I’ve heard from a lot of dissatisfied customers – a lot. They talk about a lack of resource, overlarge groups and variable teaching quality. And remember, you do not get any kind of industry accepted qualification as a result of doing this course (it is valueless on your CV) and most people say all you do get is a few new friends.

Remember – you absolutely do not need to do any course to get work in TV/Film and this one has no accreditation whatsoever despite the fancy self-styled title of the course provider.

All worth bearing in mind before you spend any money; Caveat Emptor!