Valentines Day : Modern Romance. Poseidon Agency. Matthew Critchfield. Nathan Neuman

This production is now raising serious concerns amongst many people who have been contacted by the Poseidon Agency, related to the way freelancers are being contracted, the tax arrangements that are being put in place and the delayed payment schedule.

Contracting freelancers on the basis of being paid 12 months later raises the strong possibility that, in the event that funding does not come through, the company will simply be wound up without the promised payments being made. The company has been contacted aand asked questions about how this is being set up, but it has been unable to provide any reassurance about the concerns raised.

Anyone who has been contacted by this company should exercise due caution before signing up for this production.

Call out for information – and a warning.

Has anyone been contacted by an individual called Matthew Critchfield or Nathan Neuman about a feature film called Valentines Day : Modern Romance?

This is a feature film which is about to start shooting and there are currently massive red flags waving over the way people are being employed, notably runners who are being treated as self employed – contrary to HMRC’s rules – and also payment which is being deferred to December 2021 (yes, you read that right, people won’t be paid for over a year).

If you have been contacted by anyone on this production and/or offered work on it, please could you email Thanks.