Some answers from HMRC to important furloughing questions.

I have tweeted HMRC and asked them some questions, the answers to which are not clear from the official guidance online. Here are their responses:




NB Please see the more specific answer to that question at the bottom of this page!

NB this was the Martin Lewis question, which he said he had an official answer to from the Treasury:

(Clearly the Treasury feels it is OK to share info with Martin Lewis but not the 66.4 million other of us who pay their wages in the UK. Not angry, just sayin’).

And one asked by a freelancer (NB this affects a lot of people!):

I shall tweet answers to those which are pending as and when they arrive.

Feel free to take those answers which are beneficial to your case to your company. If they doubt the answers they can always ask directly themselves – companies are (understandably) nervous of doing anything wrong and are (less understandably) playing it too safe when it comes to furloughing.

Keep well people.

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