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This page searches multiple job sites and displays links to their current jobs here. You can search all 12 sites in one go via this page.

You can search this page for any job title that interests you using your browser’s search facility (usually CTRL+F or CMD+F).
(Please note that while the TV Watercooler is a FREE service provided by freelancers for freelancers, some of the sites below will require a subscription to see the content in full).

**Please note that the TV Watercooler cannot control the links or text that appear here, and some jobs may have expired**

Jobs live now on The Unit List
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Jobs live now on ITV Jobs
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Jobs live now on Broadcast Online
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Jobs live now on Media Guardian
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Jobs live now on Media Parents
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Jobs live now on The Callsheet
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Jobs live now on Productionbase
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Jobs live now on TV Teams
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Jobs live now on Film & TV Jobs Pro
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Jobs live now on Indeed
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Individual Feeds by website

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Jobs (full descriptions will require a subscription to view) from:


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