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The TV Watercooler is a resource run by freelancers for freelancers. It is independent, completely free and it carries no advertising or sponsorship. There are no mailing lists or other attempts to harvest your data for sale or otherwise. You can subscribe if you wish to, but that’s free as well and it’s only necessary if you wish to comment on a post.

The TV Watercooler evolved from a freelancers forum, which itself evolved from a group of like minded people communicating using the original Productionbase forum. The advent of social media has removed the need for these bespoke environments, but there remains a need to have somewhere that useful information can be collated.

We have a large (and always growing) collection of links to sites that advertise production jobs, as well as LIVE job feeds showing current jobs automatically updated from various places.

The TV Job Sites Database
100s of links to places with jobs on offer

The ‘Sweat Team’ is still here and you will be able to report companies who are not paying the National Minimum Wage. There will be news of training opportunities and links to jobs and useful sites. You don’t need to register unless you want to comment.
Feel free to comment on the posts here where it is allowed, and if you have a story of exploitation for The Sweat Team please  email derrywatson@gmail.com

Admins of this site are also involved in the following Facebook Groups for TV professionals and new starters:

People Who Work In TV Who Know People Who Work In TV

A secret group advertising TV jobs. You must be proposed by an existing member and have at least a year’s experience working in TV


People Who Are Available For Work In TV
A closed group where you can post your CV and announce your availability to the UK TV world. You must have at least a year’s experience working in TV


People Looking For TV Work: Runners
This is a highly successful group for new starters in TV and people looking for their first job. Here you can get advice, paid jobs and help with your CV. Open to everyone.


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